Based in San Remo, we have the ability to undertake works throughout the Bass Coast and South Gippsland Regions and beyond.



Plumbers Now Contracting has a gang of tradepeople, each of whom bring different skills and experience to the team. Our team has the flexibility to work as a large crew for significant projects or for when works are time sensitive, as well as working individually where needed.




Plumbers Now Contracting have undertaken plumbing services for some of the largest and most iconic projects in the Phillip Island, Wonthaggi and Bass Coast regions;


  • Newhaven College, Phillip Island
  • San Remo IGA extensions & renovations
  • Cowes Ambulance Station
  • Phillip Island Nature Parks – Penguin Plus development
  • Wonthaggi Hospital
  • Wonthaggi CFA
  • Rose Lodge Aged Care, Wonthaggi

Our company has all the requisite Insurances, OHS systems and Quality Assurance systems in place to be able to deliver services in a manner that complies with all regulations and legislation.



Our reputation is forged on long term relationships with key clients,
including the following;


  • Phillip Island Nature Parks. We provide ongoing maintenance and repair services in this environmentally sensitive environment.
  • Bass Coast Shire Council. We have provided ongoing, contracted maintenance services for a variety of assets on behalf of the Council. Our proven OHS and QA systems have been essential in securing these works.
  • TS Constructions. A leading commercial and prestige domestic builder, TS Constructions utilise the services of Plumbers Now Contracting in a variety of projects every year, such as the Cowes Ambulance Station, Wonthaggi Hospital, Wonthaggi CFA and Rose Lodge Aged Care.
  • Lloyd Group. Plumbers Now Contracting have worked with Lloyd group on a variety of projects including at Newhaven College and the Phillip Island Nature Parks


Plumbers Now Contracting can work with any builder to deliver a quality project on time, on budget and with the minimum of fuss. We are able to provide comprehensive and accurate quotes for tenders from plans and specifications provided. Click here to contact one of our project managers to discuss your needs.


We provide contracted maintenance services to many businesses and organisations, including

  • Phillip Island Nature Parks
  • Westernport Water
  • Bass Coast Shire Council

Please contact us for a quote on your roof, plumbing or drainage maintenance requirements.


Plumbers Now Contracting has a range of plant and equipment to ensure successful works in all aspects of domestic and commercial construction.